December 3, 2013

Field Trip – Keller Style, Part 4

  Day Two:  off to the National Museum of Natural History … nhm-1 nhm-2 fall leaves and castlenhm-3 nhm-4 nhm-5 nhm-6 Elephant by daylight …nhm-7 nhm-8nhm-9 rexie nhm-10 nhm-11 nhm-12 nhm-13 nhm-14 nhm-15 Super lovely ancient petrified wood …nhm-16 nhm-17 nhm-18 nhm-19 And entering the monkeys-to-man exhibit.  Where we learned that we all evolved from monkeys.  Which, in turn, evolved from rats.  So, there you have it.  “Experts” deem it to be so.nhm-20 nhm-21 nhm-22 nhm-23 nhm-24 nhm-25 nhm-26 nhm-27  Elephant by evening light …elephantnhm-29 Heading back to the hotel …nhm-30 nhm-31 nhm-32 nhm-33 Where a stunning sunset greeted us at the Metro parking garage.  nhm-34 nhm-35 nhm-36 By the time we were back in our room, the sky was seemingly exploding.nhm-37Next up, Lincoln’s Memorial by night, where we may or may not have gotten locked out of our car and lost the keys and gotten snowed on and shivered…


Tracy P. said...

That is one photogenic elephant! I love all the smiles and looks of wonder. I loved the art in Day 1 too. Who could resist the actual texture of a Monet or Van Gogh? Drool. Can't wait for the next episode. :-)

Life with Kaishon said...


Wait...are you saying that we did not come from monkeys? What kind of blasphemy is this? ; )

This morning I brought your Christmas card to work to savor. I love C's writing style. I really love all the boys. I am thinking about coming and kidnapping them so they can make me smarter. I will tell you when I get all the details worked out of my kidnapping visit.

You are my favorite.

Love, Becky

Christina said...

I've taken quite a blogging break (trying to behave and get my girls' schoolwork done), but have missed your posts! This is such a fun trip! I'm from Virginia, and have done a few of these trips with my kids and fun!
Your pictures are amazing, as always!!