December 2, 2013

Field Trip – Keller Style, Part 3

More images from The National Gallery of Art.
Cuyp ...
nga-24 nga-25
I must admit to being partial to more modernish art:  Renoir ...nga impressionists
Monet ...nga-26nga-27
Pissarro ...nga-28nga-29 Van Gogh, you foxy, blue-eyed charmer, you.  nga-30nga-31 nga-32 nga-33 nga-34
nga-35 nga-36
Toulouse-Lautrec ...nga-37nga-38
More Monet ...nga-39 nga-40 nga-41
Cross ...nga-42 nga-43 nga-44It's totally amazing to be able to see such famous works of art soooo CLOSE UP.  Absolutely loved the National Gallery of Art.
nga-45 nga-45-2 nga-45-3 nga-46 nga-47 End of Day One.

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Christina said...

Your close-ups of the art are incredible. They really bring out the beauty of the details!!