December 4, 2013

Field Trip – Keller Style, Part 5

The part where we drive in the dark to see the Monuments by night.
The Capitol …lm by night-1 Some building with pretty wreathes …lm by night-2 Lincoln Monument …lm by night-3 Jefferson Monument …lm by night-4 Washington Monument (with scaffolding) …lm by night-5 Back to Lincoln.  lm by night-6 lm by night-7 lm by night-8 lm by night-9lm by night-11lincoln memoriallm by night-12 lm by night-13 lm by night-14 lm by night-15 lm by night-16 lm by night-17 lm by night-18 wa monument by nightSo, a funny thing happened on the way to our car...  granted, the picture below is blurry, but see the black blob peeking out of Big Dude's pant pocket?  Those are our car keys.  He still had those car keys at the next traffic light.  But somewhere between that traffic light and our car (about a block), the keys fell out.  Of course, we discovered this pretty quickly and retraced our 5 minutes of steps pronto (because, ummmm, COLD) to retrieve our keys.  But alas, the keys were not to be found.  Apparently, some very-well intended passerby picked them up and passed them off to a policeman.  And in the hour between the time we missed our keys and when the policeman finally found us, were several desperate phone calls and swallowing the hard pill of hundreds of $$$s to tow and re-key and lots of shivering and a few snowflakes.  Glad the policeman found us just before we towed the car.  We avoided the fees and cranked the heat.
lm by night-19
Photo nerd data:  these are all jpgs.  I thought I had switched to raw for tricky nighttime pics, but alas, I was mistaken.  So jpg.  The lens I brought was my "walkaround" 24-105mm f/4.  No tripod - I was traveling light.  Crazy high ISO:  10,000!   Crazy high iso let me take these nighttime pictures.


Helen Bratko said...

Beautiful shots!! Sorry about the lost keys. Life is so bittersweet.

Anita Johnson said...

Great story!

Tracy P. said...

Love the low key effect with that white monument! So cool that you got your keys back. 10,000. Sheesh!

tracey said...

I physically felt a pit in my stomach reading about your key loss. So glad you found them!!!