November 7, 2013

Beautiful Lifestyle Workbook ... and future plans.

I did a little market research (meaning: I asked a bunch of people on Facebook: “what do you want?”  I know; I'm pretty high-tech, right?), and as a result of the feedback, I’m looking at taking the following course of action in 2014:  I will likely … maybe … have one local workshop.  Additionally, I will slightly rework my current workbook and sell it a la carte and/or bundled with a Skype session. 

If you are like me, and patience isn’t your middle name, and you happen to want one of my workbooks now rather than later,  I do have six extra workbooks that I ordered back when I was getting ready for my Ohio workshop.  I’m happy to sell those copies now.   Price: $65 (shipping is included).   Simply click below to purchase securely thru Paypal.  Be sure to leave me your address in the Paypal comment/instruction box.



My workbook is both a general look at what makes “lifestyle” such a beautiful genre of photography and also what makes “lifestyle" a different business model than a typical portraiture studio -- and more specifically how *I* structure and run my lifestyle photography business.  You can find more detailed content descriptions here and here.

Please feel free to email me -- -- if you would like to be added to an interest list for my possible local workshop or my new batch of workbooks.  Thanks!

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