July 23, 2013

Frisbee Golf – SoCal Version

Not to be confused with the Spokane Version of Big Dude’s “back-in-the-day”.  (this course was a mere fraction of the size & splendor of that course and had exactly NONE of the gorgeous flowers. tho it did have some cute tiles) 

1 tiles0 acorn park2 IMG_9096Throwing it down Tron-Style… 3 tron style 4 IMG_9116 5 middle dude Goal:  to hit center post inside the rope pyramid…6 IMG_9144 There may or may not have been some frustration …7 frustration 8 IMG_9146 9 IMG_9147My favorite shot of the day.  Yes, it was my dumb idea.  And yes, I did get conked on the head.  IMG_9123 i was there too IMG_9173 IMG_9175 Back at tee one.  The end.IMG_9182


Life with Kaishon said...

What is a little head bump with a frisbee for a great picture like that?

You are pretty. The boys are growing like weeds. Adorable.

I love how much your husband loves you. That makes me smile.

Rebekah said...

I love seeing them all together! I can hardly ever get all my crew in one shot. Becky's right; they're all getting SO tall! Summer is the most wonderful thing, isn't it?