July 26, 2013

June/July Galaxy-ography


An overnighter to San Jose, book club = Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, Cafe Cubano …. simply yum (please don’t remind me it’s a giant cup of half and half with just a little bit of espresso).galaxy 1

Frisbee evenings at the beach, summer-izing the jeep, end of school, gym rats, rim trail at sunsetgalaxy 2

Beginning of summer vacation = trip to our favorite dentist, June gloom, Ultimate Frisbee (yes, broken-ankled Big Dude is back to playing … cautiously), work on workshop, Squire’s Tales = fun readsgalaxy 3

Little Dude’s sunflowers grow bigger than him, Discovery Science Center – Vitruvian Boy, window washing crew, new t-shirtsgalaxy 4

all pics from Samsung Galaxy 3


Anita Johnson said...

These photos reminded me of a recent conversation I had about cameras vs. camera phones. I'm not sure where I am on that issue, but these sure capture the feel of summer for me. Our big cameras are a commitment to carry aren't they?

Unknown said...

I so enjoy your photography and perspective! :)