September 25, 2012

Dog Dude. Doorbells. Debate.

Dog Dude is a downstairs dog.  He waits for me … every single time.  The steps at the bottom have the slobber marks to prove it. stairsLast night we had debate club at our house.  Dog Dude HATES the doorbell.  And knocking.  And feels the need to bark incessantly when anyone arrives at our home.  Annoying to the max.  So I took him for a long walk about the time everyone was due to arrive…  walk‘Twas a gorgeous night for a walk.  And Dog Dude humored me with a few portraits – he even posed a little.walk 2walk 3And before we ran out of light, we returned home.  To the debate cacophony.  But no barking.walk 4

all pics courtesy Android/Instagram.


A Circle of Quiet said...

Debate cacophony! Love it.

Concordia tournament this year?


Tracey said...

He's a good guard dog! At least he'd scare off anybody who'd attempt to break in??? Maybe it's his way of getting you to take him for a long walk? :)

Anita Johnson said...

Bugsy is like that too...the doorbell sets him off. Now we hold him to stop the chaos...I'm glad he is only 19 pounds. (o:

stacey said...

All your dog pics makes me even more excited to get another one. :)