September 19, 2012

Weekend at the River.

Well, hello windmills…IMG_6786Hello, endless miles of desert scrub.IMG_6790Hello, pretty purple mountains.IMG_6792Ahhh.  Hello, Parker Dam.  You are my favorite dam in the whole world.IMG_6793Hello, boat.  And dudes.  And dog.  Let’s all get cozy and spend a few hours in close confinement, eh?the river 1IMG_6799And, we’re launched!IMG_6810IMG_6811IMG_6829IMG_6837IMG_6839I must admit.  My camera came along, but it didn’t come out much.  It was hot.  It was wet.  It was crowded with people and equipment in our little boat.  And the dudes were none too fond of me requesting that they move so I could crawl under the deck to pull out the camera.  And that is why we’re already at the driving home pictures … Goodbye, beloved River.  Hello, long desert road with dips and purple mountains.  IMG_6849Hello, crazy destination sign-pole in the middle of nowhere.  the river 2IMG_6865Hello, lovely layers of mountains in sunset light …IMG_6876

The Teen took phone video footage of my sunset ski ride. The river was pretty. I was thrilled just to get up (it's been a loooong time since I skied). The dam makes an appearance at about 1:20. And then I get tired, and the Teen cuts me off.

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Leslie said...

I love this post... I love that you got out there.... and that sign post.. and just love your family adventures. You know that.... Question is.. Does Kona?

Tracy P. said...

You've still got it, Susan! Love the countdown. "And that is why we're already at the driving home pictures." Some days you just have to keep your photographing to yourself. ;-)

Unknown said...

It looks like a fabulous time was had by all!

Tracey said...

I swear, your family trips should be a Sunset magazine. :)

stacey said...

That sign is awesome.
Your trips are awesome.
You are awesome.