August 30, 2011

Roadtrip, Part 5, wherein we hike again. Further in & Higher up.

This day's hike made the former night's hike look & feel like a mere stroll in the park.  :-}  Expecting a longer, tougher hike, we started the day with a hearty, free hotel "breakfast of the champions"; which, for the Dudes, translates to being a plate piled high with bacon.  Well, ok, I'm simplifying.  Middle Dude also added Fruit Loops & pancakes to his plate to complement the bacon.  ;-)


Off to the Rim.  We parked at Bryce Point (where we expected to finish); took the shuttle to Inspiration Point; and walked the Rim trail to Sunset Point, where we again went down the Navajo Loop.  There was a prescribed control-burn fire happening the park while we were there. We saw its effects off and on throughout the day.shuttlefireIMG_4273rim trail 1IMG_4275IMG_4302

And back to the Navajo Loop – the same trail we hiked the previous evening.  This day, it was merely the beginning of our hike … IMG_4322

More to come …

Ugh. Looks like Livewriter butchered the resolution, color & contrast of these pics. But I'm feeling too lazy to rectify it by starting over with Flickr. :-(

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keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

i don't actually "gasp" when i look at photos, but i gasped. audibly. so much so that my 4-year old said, "what? what is it?" absolutely gorgeous, susan!

Tracy P. said...

Every time you post photos of your family involving food, I drool. It seems that there has been bacon involved more than once. BACONbaconbaconbacon....YUM! ;-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness Susan...I have no idea how you can even narrow it down. Each shot is so lovely. I can only imagine the beauty of it. WOW!

Laughed about the plate of bacon. Boys are the best!