August 29, 2011

Meet Karen :: Orange County Family Photography

She has the distinction of being the only woman I've ever approached in a grocery store and said, "Will you be my friend?" Which is note-worthy, because as an introvert, I rarely, if ever, strike up conversations with strangers, much less ask them if they have time in their life for another playdate. But I was new in town. And I was just a wee bit desperate to find friends for my kiddos. And Karen, you see, had three delightful, gregarious, polite boys who were all about the same ages as my boys. And desperate times call for desperate measures. So I took a chance. And she took a chance. And a lovely friendship was born. :-)

And here we are, seven years later. Meet Karen and her family ...

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A Circle of Quiet said...

So many good shots, but that husband and wife shot is my favorite! Fun to see Karen again...enjoyed hearing from her about your grocery store meeting.

Beautiful work, once again.


Lisa McCully said...

Love the BW of the three boys, beautiful! Lovely family and beautiful photos!

Tracy P. said...

That's a fantastic story. It's amazing what courage motherhood exposes. Awesome backdrops--what a great location for a really fun session!

KathyJo said...

I would be your IRL friend, and not just because you'd bring your camera. ;-) The pics are awesome, as usual.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful family.
I am so glad she said yes to being your friend in the grocery store.

Tracey said...

These are so fun! Love the mix of scenery you put into the mix.
What a fun story too of how your friendship began. You go Ms. Introvert!