August 31, 2011

Roadtrip, Part 6, Navajo to Peekaboo

Please forgive me for splitting our mere 4-hour hike into several days' posts. I took nearly 1000 (!!) pictures in Bryce Canyon, and I LOVE 89.5% of them; thus I'm finding it difficult to strike a balance between sharing the overwhelming beauty of this National Park, while not overwhelming myself with the editing & posting ;-). Yesterday's post was the easy, flat Rim Trail portion of the hike. Today's post is the super-easy downhill portion of Navajo Loop and then transitioning into the uphill trek via Peekaboo Trail.






along the navajo

Right about here is when our uphill trek began ... uphill at 7500+ feet elevation. Oy.

navajo to peekaboo

Yet another 90-second slideshow (and yes, that is a large rattler!) ...

Next up, the rest of the portion of Peekaboo Loop that we climbed.

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Anonymous said...

I love your work, Susan! These are amazing photos and the slide show goes really fast. Can I make a tiny suggestion to slow them down and pick a slower tempo piece of music (maybe Navajo flute or something that matches the earth energy of the site?) to really get the sense of this special place. I hope to visit someday, so thanks for sharing!

Skeller said...

Anon - for sure, GO! it's spectacular!! Much as I love the idea of using Navajo flute & a slower pace, [don't laugh:] I have the photos cycling quickly to get the slideshow under Flickr's 90 second requirement :-}.

tracey said...

uh hi big rattle snake!
And I would have taken 1000 pictures as well! I don't blame you. What an amazingly beautiful spot on God's green earth.
Loving the wide angle shots too.
Beautiful Susan!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Gorgeous! Would you believe that after we got all the way there, my kids would not go hiking with me? (We'd been walking a few other places the day before.) So I had to be content with photographing from the overlooks. I am so going back there someday!

Skeller said...

Thanks, Tracey! Wide angle is a total requisite for natl parks!

Adrienne - I would believe it! Last year we only saw Bryce from the top - it's pretty spectacular from there, too :-).

Tracy P. said...

Love it all!

Anita Johnson said...

Well, I've run out of things to say. Amazing beauty. Amazing photos!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

So beautiful. They just say, wish you were here'. And I wish I was there. :)