January 4, 2010

Traveling with the Kellers...

brett ds

We have a bad history in regards to retaining our handheld gaming devices. Middle Dude twice left his Gameboy behind on a plane trip (the first time the airline kindly mailed it back to us. No such luck second time). So I should know better. Truly I should. Littlest Dude got a DS for Christmas. [you can see where this is going, can’t you?] I did the requisite DS check at our first hotel. But I forgot at the 2nd hotel. Luckily [this time] a phone call rescued said gaming device and it is being mailed to us. Littlest Dude is lucky indeed; because Big Dude and I do NOT replace lost toys.

Big Dude buys stuff he ordinarily wouldn’t. See proof below.


This trip’s huge IRONY: we found snow where we shouldn’t have (CA and Zion) and didn’t find snow where we should have (Spokane, MT, ID).

Dog Dude is timid. Really timid. Scared of his own shadow timid. Terrified of tile. Which makes for hilarious and frustrating circumstances when entering/exiting hotels AND my in-laws’ home. Go figure. He lives on tile at home.

All the kiddos are picky eaters (they get it from me. Sigh.). Eating on the road can be a bit monotonous – In n Out, McD’s, pizza joints, and Taco Bell. Oh, and none of us really actually like McD’s. The dudes all wanted to go there for the obvious reason (see above). By our last night traveling, I asked the dudes where they wanted to eat. I said, “how ‘bout Taco Bell?”
Middle Dude replied, “crickets.”
So now they’re even tired of what they like. Oh, fun.

Family Togetherness Moment: at the dining table one morning … myself, Big Dude, my father-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, each with our own cup of coffee and our laptop. Gosh, were we all pleased when Papa got the wireless network set up.

Our too-cool-for-school teenager, the one who wore his favorite jacket halfway thru the blazing hot summer … he maintained he didn’t need to wear it each time we went out into the great wide 19 degree outdoors. We didn’t argue. Nor did we turn up the heat in the car as he shivered and complained. (we may even have joked about opening the sunroof to let in some fresh air...) These years may be loooong ones. ;-)

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Holly said...

Smiled at the adventures but laughed out loud at the jacket/cool dude/complaining. Such memories.... Up here in the Cold North...it was boots vs sneakers. Sneakers are very way cool but 4 feet of snow would indicate to this don't-care-about-cool adult that boots were the order of the day. Since you can tell a teenager NOTHING....I never argued and somehow the complaints of cold, wet feet bounced off my empathy radar.

Katarina said...

Love the family *togetherness* moment, and your teenage story made me smile (and maybe shudder a little) at what I have to look forward to in a few years...that is funny!
The Avatar figures...those are great.

Deidra said...

You all are too fun! I mean it. And I love!

Leslie said...

hehe.... I can picture the last story perfectly.

I mean S it could have messed with his outfit... what ever would the ladies have thought???

Karyn Kuniyuki said...

Laughing out loud over your travels... and I have to say that your granite counter top in the blog below this one had me visually stumped forever! It looks very three dimensional in the picture and I just couldn't figure out what the kids were working on. And as for pregnancy, that picture of me on my head definitly resembled my life as it is right now, very upside down - to us it is hilarious that you think I make pregnancy look awesome because I am in fact the WORST pregnant lady ever, every ailment and condition known to pregnancy makes me miserable; I guess I am a good faker!