January 5, 2010

Travel Reading

A roadtrip to WA affords one much time to read…

Middle Dude and I both read The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy Tale Detectives. We both enjoyed it. Cute concept. MD will probably read the rest of the series. Eldest Dude has just begun it; he thinks it’s a fun book. So, three thumbs up from us.

Goose Chase by Patrice Kindle. I quite enjoyed this fairy tale. Good story, good characters. I think both boys will also enjoy this book.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I read the aforementioned books while waiting impatiently for Eldest Dude to read this one. It’s part 2 of Hunger Games. Again, a page-turner-thriller. Perfect vacation reading. As with Hunger Games, this book is not my favorite genre (futuristic, sci-fi, gore/violence), and yet it hooked me. The characters are well developed. The themes of courage, heroism, selflessness are rampant. We both give Catching Fire our resounding endorsement.

The Rumpelstiltkskin Problem by Vivian van Velda – Middle Dude read and liked. Said the best story was saved for last.

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Holly said...

Rampant Reading with the Kellers. Go Kellers!

Just got immersed in a long discussion about the impact of reading for pleasure on vocabulary, grammar and writing ability. Upshot was that reading good, well written books as well as some not so well written have a huge impact on being able to construct sentences/paragraphs/papers. All of which are needed for upper level schooling.

Oh...and it was on a dog training list!

Heidi said...

You silly, I thought you were going to wait to read Catching Fire. :) I'm on chapter 9...