October 29, 2008

"Six Random Things About Me" Tag, three at a time...

Number ONE: (yes, I'm counting this!). I don't do tags, memes, or chain letters (online OR off...). They stress me out. Julie at Journey to Family tagged me. But I don't DO tags. But Julie practically double-dog-dared me. And, I really like Julie. She makes me laugh out loud often. THIS is now officially my LAST tag. But I'm not going to follow any of the stated rules, and I'm not going to tag anybody at the end. So there.

Number TWO: I don't mind critters. That's probably why a lizard lives on my kitchen counter, and currently a large praying mantis resides there, too. That's probably why I didn't freak out yesterday when my Littlest Dude pointed out the following creature right by my foot on our walk:


I don't mind snakes in the least (except for the kind with rattles - I'm not fond of them). So I didn't mind getting right up close to this little guy and taking his portrait. And to his credit, he didn't seem to mind me, either. ;-)



He was very long.

Ok, so we've established so far that 1. I don't do tags (after this); and 2. I do just fine with critters.

Number THREE: I DON'T do phones.


I don't run to answer them when they ring. And even after I hear who's on the other end (often cold-callers, despite the do-not-call registry. argh.), I still don't pick up. I'm just not really a phone chit-chat kinda gal. And wanna know what else? I don't have a cell phone! And I'm easily bothered by those people who have cell phones and choose to carry on their "private" conversations in my midst. I hate that. So much.

Btw, did you want to see my mantis friend???


She's kind of cute, in a weird space-alien kind of way.

Tomorrow I'll list the other three random things, all having to do with food (hmmm, does that make it not random? )

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Beth said...

I love your praying mantis. And I am so happy that you did not tag us! I don't run to answer my phone either. I am gonna have to bring the boys back to see the snake.

Beth said...

Oh and Julie should love your snake picture too! She has a very beautiful one. Right Julie?

Lisawa said...

You crack me up! Im the same way about the phone... I call people back... I dont run to the phone...

That snake was LONG! I like your alien looking critter... I have never seen one up close before... now I have... *Ü*

Lizzie said...

love that you don't have a cell, one of my best friends doesn't have one, i wish i could be less connected :) by the way, i think your mantis's cousin is living on top of my mail box, he's been there hanging out for 2 weeks now! i'll see if i can snap a picture.

Kat said...

I feel so guilty about tags...because I don't like to do them either. That or awards. But that guilt...ugh.

And the phone? I am so with you on that. I like email. Now, if I have a lot to say, sometimes I'd just rather say it than type it all out. And I don't get up to answer the phone either. Katie loves the phone...so she answers for me.

Mamasphere said...

First time at your blog, and I LOVE it (thanks for stopping by mine!). I've recently taught myself to ignore my phone when it rings at inconvenient times. It was so hard to do at first, lol, but now I love my freedom.

JourneytoFamily said...

I love it!!! And I'm done with tags too, so you won't get any more from me. But I loved this one. And I love that you don't mind snakes. You need to come over and take pictures of my snakes!

And I won't call you to chit-chat because I have an aversion to picking up the phone too. (I do have a cell phone, but just for texting, checking email, etc.)

VERY cool preying mantis!

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

Ahhh, a kindred spirit.

I never answer the phone. I will answer my cell because I only give that number to a few people and only my hubby and mom ever call me on it.

I don't do snakes, but was a proud owner of a mantis who resided in my kitchen. He was vicious leaving carcasses scattered over the bottom of our butterfly pavilion.

As for the bloggy tag meme thingys. Well, I think I made myself abundantly clear as I just did 100 random things and I feel that it exempts me from all tags and memes from now until the end of my blog, amen. ;) So, I'm with ya' sister.


Piggy said...

After a whole day of working from home, interacting with people over the phone, e-mail, and instant messenger about work, all I want to do is spend quality time with my family. I just changed my cell phone plan because I have no idea why I was paying for 450 minutes when I only used 38 minutes last month and no more than an hour on any given month. The only reason why I keep it is for emergency purposes if I have to go out anywhere, which is another thing I don't often do. Funny thing is that I'm an extroverted loner. I was voted most friendliest senior in high school, but that's just because I wasn't part of any cliques. :)

Tracy P. said...

I have to agree with the phone--my husband says I'm a phonophobic. it's true.

Your school day pictures do not actually look like you're on vacation. Way to go! But I LOVE that you took pictures of your upside down boy. Bet he loved that!

tearese said...

I love grass snakes.

Rhea said...

Praying mantises are so cool...and so alien-like, I agree!

I hate phones. I do not answer even if I recognize the person on the caller ID. I just don't like talking that way.

Email me any time, that works much better. Glad I'm not the only one who hates phones.

I do have a cell phone, so my kids can reach me when I'm not around but I do NOT answer or have private calls around other people.

That is one loooooong snake.

Leslie said...

Im so trying to convert you on the phone issue.. :)

Love seeing what you have been shooting lately... Peeking in here today is a total treat!

30seconds.blogs.com said...

You have so many happy commenters that it almost seems like overkill to add mine saying all the same things. But not quite. ;-) I don't like the phone either (but I do answer it, I just don't call people except my mom). I love email and even real letters. (What's that, right?). However, I do LOVE having a cell phone - just for logistical purposes with my kids at two different schools and to text with my husband, or tell people if I'm running late or can't find them, or for delivery people to let me know they are coming and I need to be home, etc., etc. Purely logistics, mind you, not chit-chat (unless it's my husband, then I always love to talk to him for how ever long he has).

I don't like snakes much, and yours just kept getting longer with each photo (a neat progressive effect). I prefer butterflies and ladybugs.

I don't mind tags, I just don't usually do them (I don't need another thing added to my list to do). But how do you feel about recipe chain letters? I delete them, because I don't like cooking and I also don't like chain letters, so they make me doubly displeased. And how about the part where they tell you you have to reply to say if you're not doing it? Uh-huh.

Love you!