October 28, 2008

Keeping it Real: Homeschool Edition, Part 2

The three dudes all share one bedroom. This leaves us with an extra bedroom that we can use as a dedicated school room. It's a great, wonderful, spacious room with bright light, bookshelves, three table/desks, walls for posters, timelines, a whiteboard, and a chalkboard easel (thanks to Aunt C & Uncle G). As a homeschooler who knows many other homeschoolers, I KNOW it's a total luxury to have a dedicated room for school. Here's the irony: we NEVER use it.


Here's where school takes place: crowded together at the coffee table. Dont'cha love the exasperated look on Eldest Dude's face? Admittedly, it *is* hard to concentrate on tough stuff when Littlest Dude is singing and making machine gun noises while copying out his math work. But they both seem to prefer this set-up than a quieter, more isolated one. So here's our quirky modern version of ye ol' one-room schoolroom.


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Beth said...

Oh Susan!

Those last pictures could totally by our family. My youngest is a "hummer" and noise maker too. We are constantly working with him but the boys love to be together.

Kat said...

We have a dedicated school room. But Katie doesn't use it either. She much prefers to be where I am. Or she likes to lay on the sofa to read...and use our coffee table, too. But I usually do not let her sit with me...because she drives me crazy with her humming and singing. Or she constantly wants to know what I am doing. Whose blog I am on. Who is emailing me...She needs to be without distractions.

Lisawa said...

*Ü* We don’t have a school room.... I always wanted one... then we moved here and my husband wanted to build an actual little school house out front... and realized... I don’t want it... I like being at the kitchen table or on the couch... He was disappointed...

The expression on eldest dudes face speaks *Ü* I do love it... as always... very cool...

Rhea said...

The look on Eldest Dude's face is great. haha

That's so funny you have a specific room for homeschooling and don't use it. But, it totally makes sense. We have a game room upstairs that no one ever plays in. Figures.

Kids don't like to be alone, I've noticed.

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

We have a dedicated room and while we used it at first, it's under construction and we haven't been in there in months.

Maybe, just maybe we will return once the granite is installed.
But the couch is a hard habit to break. ;)

Your photos are divine. Your oldest's penmanship is so impressive!

30seconds.blogs.com said...

Love eldest's face. :-) So long-suffering!