October 27, 2008

Keeping it Real: Homeschool Edition, Part 1

I guess he didn't want to do what I asked him to do.





As you can see/guess, I was terribly sympathetic to his plight... ;-)

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Lisawa said...

strange thing... he looks comfortable *Ü*

All I can say... is sometimes... I feel that way too. *Ü*

Rhea said...

I need to throw a good fit like that. It's got to be a great release of tension.

I love that you took photos of him. hehe

JourneytoFamily said...

Is that some sort of Yoga-punishment position? LOL

Kat said...

I love this. My kids would have been screamin louder or pouting longer if I took pictures of them in a tantrum!

tearese said...

You must be so patient to do homeschool. I would throw my children across the room. Metaphorically. Of course.

Aunt Tea said...


Beth said...

You will have to show that to him one day!

Jennifer said...

Love this post! : )