June 20, 2008

Photo Tip Friday

Ok. Sit up straight. Pay attention. Put on your thinking/discerning caps. Because this tip is like waaaay deep. I'm bringing the whole depth and breadth of my experience and laying it all out there on your computer screen for your benefit. So, ready?

Here's my tip of the day: Take lots of photos. Lot and lots and lots of photos. Of the same thing. And take them as fast as you can.

boys' outtakes1boys' outtakes2
boys' outtakes3boys' outtakes4
boys' outtakes5boys' outtakes6
boys' outtakes7boys' outtakes8

Because sometimes you have to take a lot of photos to get just one good one (and even that one is sometimes not perfect. sigh). And most kids don't willingly stand around forever, happy to pose for you, so take those photos fast. And sometimes eyes are shut, and nostrils are flared, and eyebrows do weird things and end up looking mischievously evil, and sometimes ... occasionally, siblings look like they're choking one another. So take lots of photos. C'mon, your camera is digital. It doesn't cost anything to delete bad photos. Experiment. Change the angle from which you take your photo. Move around your kiddos til you find the vantage place where the sun doesn't cast ugly shadows on their faces. TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS.

I know. Deep wisdom to be found here at Short on Words.

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Heidi said...

That's my #1 technique. :) I figure I have a good chance of getting a good photo if I take 200!

Jennifer said...

What terrible kid pics I would have without a digital camera! I spent so much money in early motherhood on really bad photos.
Thanks for all the photo tips!

Meliss said...

Amen to that advice!

MamáChanga said...

So true. If only I could figure out the continuous shooting mode on my camera---need time to read the manual AGAIN! Thanks for the advice, especially necessary when trying to photograph two 2 year old twins!

Kat said...

That is the only photography tidbit I'd be able to offer. And I am a true believer. And sometimes it's hard to tell if the kiddos have their eyes closed...so I just take 37 and call it a day. Thank goodness for digital slr and no shutter lag!

KathyJo said...

Yeah, that is my FAVORITE part of digital. Well, that and knowing that I can stop because I DID get a good one. :)

Rhea said...

Oh, I practice this photo tip RELIGIOUSLY! I take massive amounts of pictures (thank god for digital) and usually get one or two that I really like.

I'm totally with you on this one. I Love seeing all the kid shots, btw. Your dudes are adorable.