June 19, 2008

More Agapanthus Goodness

Agapanthus in the Evening Light


Agapanthus in Bloom in the Evening

Some floral photography notes:
1. I NEVER use flash. NEVER.
2. When I'm taking super close-up (macro) flower pictures, I ALWAYS use a tri-pod. ALWAYS. (and when I don't, the picture is blurry every time).
3. I especially needed a tri-pod for these particular photos, because it was near twilight, thus low light.
4. Low light means I need a slower shutter speed (in order to let in more light), but because it was windy outside (it's always windy here, sigh.) I needed the shutter speed to be fast enough to "freeze" the action. So to buy a faster shutter speed, but still let in enough light (because I'm not using the flash, remember!!), I bumped the ISO to a higher number (in this case, from 100 to 400).

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Kat said...

I have such a hard time figuring all that out. I suppose reading the instructions would be helpful. I don't like the flower pictures I take that end up with flash. I usually just do it with good sunlight.

Rhea said...

My camera often tells me I need flash, but I refuse to use it at times. I like the non-flash look, more natural, at least unless it's REALLY REALLY dark. :o)

Meliss said...


Thanks for including comments on how you get your shots.

Teri said...

Very beautiful photos, again. Great colors.

Lisawa said...

Vibrant! I love it!

Debbie said...

I love your tutorials...now I need to go practice them!

Heather said...