June 14, 2008

We interrupt Mom's blog today to say Happy Father's Day to our Dad.

My 3 Sons1

Here are some of the things that make him a great Dad (in no particular order):

* He takes us to fun places like Legoland and the rock wall.

* He has an "endearing" sense of humor.

* He "builds our character" by making us dig holes. Whether he has something to put in them or NOT.

* He takes us on bike rides.

* He only takes "one more turn" in Civilization III (and one more turn and one more turn and one more turn....)

* He listens as we talk ad nauseum about the different Lego sets we think we want to buy.

* [Youngest Dude] I like when Dad's there when I HAVE to say something.

* Dad works hard to take care of us.

* He pays us allowance ... usually on time.

* He's a really safe driver, except sometimes when he thinks the Mini is a roller coaster ride.

* He's a great teacher. And someday we hope to use in real life the logic he's taught us from The Fallacy Detective.

* [Dog Dude] He gives me 2 minutes of attention when he gets home at night.

* He likes to play family games (like Life) with us. Oh wait, never mind. That's someone else's dad.

* He loves us well.

Thank you for being a great Dad to us.

Love, your Dudes

ps. as the aroma fills the kitchen, we're reminded that you make the BEST chocolate chip pancakes (and your bacon is good, too!)

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Debbie said...

Hi Susan! Did your boys really write that because it is just precious. It made me laugh quite a bit. The picture is as usual gorgeous! Can I link you up??

SKELLER said...

Yup, Debbie - the list is the boys' creation (tho, I'll admit to needing to prod with some "ideas" :-} ).
And yes, link away...

Rhea said...

What a great list! I love all the different comments, even from Dog Dude! lol

Great picture of the boys too.

Digging holes? hehe Mini is a roller coaster occasionally? Oh, boy. lol

This was sooo cute. LOVED it!! Great post!!

MamáChanga said...

That's too cute, what a great list. Can't wait until Da'Gorgeouses can come up with their own.

Great pic of your boys btw!