May 28, 2018

Huali Lani Komohana, March 2018

This trip's goals were to complete paint, to install more batten, and to complete pressure-washing the roof.  And, I think, we actually had 2 days of sun.  Or maybe just 2 half-days.  So, we got *some* painting done.  And not much batten.  But rain doesn't put the kabosh on weed-whacking, and since other projects were put on hold, we finally attacked a bigger section of a corner of our yard with beautiful rock walls that are completely obliterated by tall, out-of-control, buffalo grass.  

A couple weeks before we returned, one of our neighbors cleared out a bunch of guava trees from their property.  With the trees gone, now we see a waterfall stream from our kitchen window!

Look closely: a cardinal and his bevy of beauties ...

Little Dude's online Latin class starts at 4:30a hawaii time.  Yawn.

Love how the sunrise spills down the ridge ...

And now for oodles of weed-whacking images. 
I want to remember how it looked for just this one time.
Because it will have grown back by our next visit.
The joke is that when we leave CA, we wonder which plants will have died in our absence.
When we leave Kauai, we wonder what will be overgrown by the time we come back.


When Big Dude wasn't on the roof, or in the field, he was building this neato monkeypod table.

I'm blogging this months after the fact.
These are the pictures I took as we left.
All these pieces will be different next time we return.
The bridge will be torn apart and be in the midst of rebuilding.
(a project that has been months in the planning stages)
The neighbor's field will be covered in rocks, boulders, cement and asphalt debris.
Our driveway will be washed away and undrive-able.
The hillsides along the highway will be long-term altered by massive landslides.
"Da Big Flood" (50" rainfall in 24 hours) will have occurred.

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