May 26, 2018

Huali Lani Komohana, Jan/Feb 2018

This was the trip we planned to mostly get the painting of the exterior house done, along with the installing of some batten (as in board and batten), and the finishing of the porch cable railing.  Since we only had about 2.5 hours of sunshine the whole trip, our painting was mostly confined to the covered porch area.  My handy-dandy father-in-law finished the cabling and my green-thumb-gardener-extraordinaire mother-in-law tended our yard (she also brought a nifty cleaning cloth and made the house interior sparkle as it hasn't done since we've occupied it!!). We managed to fit some fun and sightseeing in between all the projects.

Note above:  we have exactly one windowsill that gets 1-2 bars of internet.  It's a popular hangout :-).  The other popular hangout (when there aren't mosquitos): the hammock.

Below, our porch is so pretty and clean and uncluttered when we arrive. 
And then it quickly becomes the holding zone for all the project and yard tools ...

Getting ready to make a bunch of sawdust...

Limahuli Gardens was our one must-do, and only-planned activity for this trip.
But it kept raining everyday.  And we kept waiting for a clear opportunity to head over for a couple hours.  It came down to the last possible day, which looked like it might or might not rain. 
We grabbed our umbrellas and headed over.  It's SO BEAUTIFUL. 

Below includes the basket of fruit we picked from our yard (minus the avocado -
we bought that from a neighbor avo-stand down the road). 
Also, we gathered fresh eggs. 
Big Dude started pressure washing the roof - you'll see the before-and-after images
are pretty dramatic!  That was one dirty roof!!

It's super slippery on the roof with all the algae build-up. 
Big Dude engineered a strap to help him not to fall to his death ...

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Tracy P. said...

These posts. I'm SO happy to see them! I thought maybe you had been working so hard that your big girl camera took a hiatus. Your Hawaiian place is fabulous!