August 3, 2017

Spokane Summer Getaway

This is what a troublesome monsoon in Las Vegas looks like in San Diego.  That monsoon delayed our flight 3 hours.  So we stopped along the way and used up some of our wait at Coffee Coffee.

spokane summer 2017-1
spokane summer 2017-2
This is the shuttle stop in the *economy* lot, NOT the *long term* lot.  This is an important distinction.  Because when you return and try and get on the shuttle going back and you say "long term lot" ... you're wrong.

spokane summer 2017-3
Mono Lake from high above.

spokane summer 2017-4
Somewhere over Washington, from high above.  Looks like a cartoon drawing.spokane summer 2017-5
Wouldn't be a trip to Spokane without a visit to the gardens at Manito Park ...

spokane summer 2017-6spokane summer 2017-7spokane summer 2017-8spokane summer 2017-9
My [literally] sweet niece with chocolate lips ...

spokane summer 2017-10

My MIL's garden rivals Manito gardens in beauty ...spokane summer 2017-11
Drove out to Green Bluff for lunch. Cherries in season.

spokane summer 2017-12spokane summer 2017-13
Pie cherries.  So for lunch, I ordered cherry pie.  Nothing else, just pie.  Yummm.

spokane summer 2017-14spokane summer 2017-15spokane summer 2017-16
Little Dude having a huge serving of huckleberry ice cream.

spokane summer 2017-17
My SIL is a beekeeper, y'all!  Her bee hive is sooooo pretty.  I wish I had a snapshot of her happy hive, but I only grabbed 1-second video footage of them.

spokane summer 2017-18
My FIL took us to his top secret stash of wild huckleberries.  Ok, not so secret.  There were lots of people out foraging berries there...

spokane summer 2017-19spokane summer 2017-20
My pickings near the beginning of our outing.

spokane summer 2017-21
I spy 2 dudes ...

spokane summer 2017-22spokane summer 2017-23
spokane summer 2017-24
My pickings after 90 minutes.  Between the four of us, we probably accumulated about a full 1 quart bag.

spokane summer 2017-25
On top of Mount Spokane for our picnic lunch.

spokane summer 2017-26spokane summer 2017-27
With huckleberry snacks.

spokane summer 2017-28
The view was pretty swell.

spokane summer 2017-29spokane summer 2017-30
spokane summer 2017-31spokane summer 2017-32spokane summer 2017-33

My perspective.

spokane summer 2017-34
Big Dude's perspective.  Why, yes, I am double fisting the cameras.  Of course.

spokane summer 2017-35spokane summer 2017-36spokane summer 2017-37
Mount Spokane's Vista House.  It's like it grows right out of the stones.

spokane summer 2017-38spokane summer 2017-39spokane summer 2017-40
spokane summer 2017-41spokane summer 2017-42
spokane summer 2017-43
Surreal Little Dude.  Art.

spokane summer 2017-44

The impetus behind our visit:  Big Dude's 30th high school reunion.

spokane summer 2017-45spokane summer 2017-46
I might have eaten tons of berries every day.  In the form of cobbler, ice cream, pie, cake, pancake, and waffle.

spokane summer 2017-47spokane summer 2017-48spokane summer 2017-49
Went to Chaps for breakfast.  It was indeed "sweet".  If you're ever in Spokane, go.

spokane summer 2017-50
spokane summer 2017-51spokane summer 2017-52spokane summer 2017-53
Cloud splendor.

spokane summer 2017-54
Salton Sea from above.  This lake is HUGE.  The biggest in CA, as a matter of fact (by area, not volume).

spokane summer 2017-55
Coming back into SoCal...  Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

spokane summer 2017-56spokane summer 2017-57

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Anita Johnson said...

So much to comment on...the lupine, the berries, the view, a reunion. Your photos are wonderful!