March 2, 2017

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

This, my friends, is not your garden variety sand.  It is gypsum sand.  Miles and miles of gypsum sand – 275 square miles, to be precise.  And gypsum sand is … glorious.  I’m not new to sand dunes; we Kellers have been wowed by the Imperial Sand Dunes in SoCal a time or twoDog Dude has been wowed, too.  I quite like Sand Dunes (albeit, in not-hot weather).  But after visiting White Sands, I’m quite aware that I  LOVE gypsum sand.  It has the neatest texture.  It remains cool to the touch on even the hottest day.  It’s easier to climb (the gypsum sand bunches together almost like that expensive moldable sand you can buy for crafts; it doesn’t slide away under you like regular sand).  Because it’s easier to climb, one is encouraged to sled down the hills, again and again and again.  Which we did.  And when I say “we”, I mean Julie’s girls.

The neato picnic area where we had our yummy pizza leftovers…

white sands-1white sands-2white sands-3

After lunch, we drove further on and parked in the equestrian lot …

white sands-4white sands-5white sands-6white sands-7white sands-8white sands-9

Sand as far as the eye can see…

white sands-10white sands-11white sands-12white sands-13


white sands-14white sands-15white sands-16

(ps. all images wherein I’m pictured, but my arms aren’t extended in front of me, are credited to: Julie Rivera)

white sands-17white sands-18

(pps.  to add a little “zip” to our slides, we waxed the bottom of these plastic disks)

white sands-19

If you’ve ever wondered why photographer are so sore the day after a photoshoot, this is why:  the photographer low-squat + chimp, expertly demonstrated by Julie …

white sands-20white sands-21white sands-22white sands-23white sands-24white sands-25white sands-26

Oh hey, there’s that squat maneuver again … (and above, I’m grabbing my 1-second-everyday video footage)

white sands-27white sands-28white sands-29white sands-30white sands-31white sands-32white sands-33white sands-34

It probably goes without saying, but we all had a really great time at White Sands. 

(ppps.  I highly recommend visiting White Sands on a cloudy day like this one.  I think I would have found a sunny day here to be blindingly bright and eye-squinty.)


Bella PA said...
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Anita Johnson said...

Probably the best photos I have seen in a long time. Love the that it stays cool. Love that you are in the pictures.