March 23, 2016

The end of Galaxy-ography …

My long-standing relationship with my Galaxy S3 has come to an end.  It has now passed on to Little Dude for some serious Solitaire play.  These are the last of my Galaxy-ography:

galaxyography jan1

Big Dude moved on to an LG G4 and because of big discounting (BOGO half off, yada), I got one, too.  Two months later, I’m still a little conflicted about it.  Some things about the LG camera are fantastic:  the macro ability, manual settings, low light capability (my S3 simply couldn’t take pictures in low light, at all), HDR function, and selfie camera with built-in photoshop botox (of course, I’ll never use that, snort).  Some things are not so fantastic: the controls are cumbersome, no exposure adjustment for video, and there’s a significant delay after hitting the shutter (or saying “cheese”).  That said, here is the first of my LG-ography series…


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Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Look at you! Movin' on up! My favorites are the rain drops on the car, your bun shadow, the butterfly wings, the bread and knife, the cake!, and you little Mr. Cutie Pants. That kid is pure awesomesauce.

Happy Easter. Keep shining the light. Love, Becky