March 24, 2016

Lessons from the Masters: Helen Levitt


helen levitt2

How delightful and humorous is this image captured by New York street photographer Helen Levitt? I love what her friend James Agee wrote about her and her photographic style ...

"In every other art which draws directly on the actual world, the actual is transformed by the artist's creative intelligence, into a new and different kind of reality: aesthetic reality. In the kind of photography we are talking about here, the actual is not at all transformed; it is reflected and recorded, within the limits of the camera, with all possible accuracy. The artist's task is not to alter the world as the eye sees it into a world of aesthetic reality, but to perceive the aesthetic reality within the actual world, and to make an undisturbed and faithful record of the instant in which this movement of creativeness achieves its most expressive crystallization."

Not altering reality to bring aesthetic to it. But actually, truly, seeing & perceiving the aesthetic beauty within the world just as it is. Hands down, this is my heart's desire for every session I'm commissioned for and for my documentation of my own family.

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