December 19, 2015

December Days

Some elements unexpected (caterpillars and chrysalids), some elements delightful (lots of citrus fruit, lots of drawing & puzzling & reading), some elements seemingly detestable (pre-calculus).
By the way, and totally off topic, for fellow blogger + windows live writer users … WLW has been essentially killed off for use with blogger.  Good news, though, is that it is now open sourced.  The new platform is called Open Live Writer and can be downloaded here.  I experienced a glitch trying to get everything to work and found the fix on this blog post.  Many thanks to the volunteers who are working on the new software and making it compatible with Blogger!!


Anita Johnson said...

The pictures are always fun...and the blogger tip helpful too. Merry Christmas to your family, your blog is a bright spot on the web!

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

I LOVED Windows Live Writer. Then I got a mac. #sadface #worstDayEver #iMissIt #YouAreSoTechy #YourTreeIsFABULOUS

Tracy P. said...

Do I tell you every year that my mom's tree was always green and blue? I LOVE seeing yours each year. I would totally have mine that way except that sticking to a theme is NOT my forte! I'm so glad it's yours. And those lemons are so refreshing. Glad you've had some rain!