June 5, 2015

Evolution of an Edit …

Felt like playing around this morning.  Meet my butterfly baby from a couple mornings ago.  She’s about 3 hours old in this picture, still in the midst of drying her new wings.

SOOC …evolution of an edit-1

+1 exposure, + One Willow Palette Vibrant preset, + edge burn, +Haze-Divine preset, + I bumped saturation a tad.evolution of an edit-2

The above steps are all done in Lightroom.  In Photoshop, I added 2 Lil’ Owls texture Crackle (#5 or 6, I think) – soft light, texture erased off butterfly …evolution of an edit-3

Also in Photoshop, lightened exposure a tad, and added Florabella Milk & Honey action at 28%. evolution of an edit-4

Of course, I’m happy with the image at the Lightroom-finished stage.  But sometimes it’s fun to play a little further …

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Anita Johnson said...

I love monarchs any way they are processed! I saw our first one on Sunday...thinking it took maybe three generations to get from Mexico to Wisconsin. Amazing to think about!