March 11, 2015

Daytrip: Destination Mecca Hills, arrow marks the spot

mecca hills daytrip-45

Big Dude, gopro-ing.  Isn’t he cute?

mecca hills daytrip-44 mecca hills daytrip-47mecca hills daytrip-46

Double selfie :-) :-)


Someone was kind enough to mark this spot VERY CLEARLY.  This is the way to the slot canyons – the way that has been blocked by a couple rock slides – the way in which we were unable to go.  Because Dog Dude.

mecca hills daytrip-48 mecca hills daytrip-49 mecca hills daytrip-50 mecca hills daytrip-51 mecca hills daytrip-52 
This was the end of the trail for us.  Again, Dog Dude.  He just doesn’t like climbing ladders.  Go figure.

mecca hills daytrip-53 mecca hills daytrip-54 mecca hills daytrip-55 mecca hills daytrip-56 

Middle Dude, the fearless one.  Needless to say, my technique for going down the ladder looked a little more … traditional.

mecca hills daytrip-57 mecca hills daytrip-58 mecca hills daytrip-59 mecca hills daytrip-60 mecca hills daytrip-61 Thus ends our Ladder Canyon hike.  Next stop:  BBQ dinner in Joshua Tree.  Spoiler:  this time we did indeed get a firepit and the car smelled thoroughly of smoke the whole way home.


FourCalders said...

Honestly, you guys do the best day trips ever. Love your posts. :)

Tracy P. said...

Love these. So much. All those dudes. Together.