October 7, 2014

The Courtyard Hummers

The last of our summer hummer babies.  Despite this nest being right outside our livingroom window, we somehow missed Mama hummingbird building a nest, laying eggs, sitting on said nest, and repeatedly feeding babies.  But we did finally find this lovely, hidden-in-plain-view surprise on Jun 15 (maybe the babies were a week old?), and our time with them ended on Jun 23, when both babies disappeared right while I was standing in the courtyard with my back to them.  I don’t think they were quite fly-ready, but one moment they were there and the next they were gone.  Mystery.
courtyard hummers-1-3courtyard hummers-1 courtyard hummers-2 courtyard hummers-3 courtyard hummers-4 courtyard hummers-5 courtyard hummers-6 courtyard hummers-7 courtyard hummers-8 courtyard hummers-9 courtyard hummers-10
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Tracy P. said...

What a precarious place to build a nest, Mama! Did she know the lamps would make a cool leading line to her little family in your photos?

I love the fact that you had to back all the way up to June to document this. Not too many days go by without me mentally backtracking to things that deserve documentation, but haven't made it. Yet.

Anita Johnson said...

Amazing...I'm going to find a nest next spring! Trying to be optimistic! (o: These are great photos...hidden in plain sight is right!