October 6, 2014

Galaxy-ography: September edition

We went to the beach. A Lot.  Our “Fall” has been pretty summer-y.  Little Dude enjoyed his last morning of summer sleep-in while Middle Dude started his Latin class early at 7a.  We went to Ikea.  We built a Billy.  The Teen got published in his university newspaper. 
galaxyography sep1
More beach.  Paddle ball.  New high score.  Because we rock. 

galaxyography sep2
Burying Little Dude.  I got on an airplane and flew to …

galaxyography sep3

… to Spokane.  To meet my newest niece.  And hang out with family.  ‘Twas fun.  When I got back, we went to the beach (shockers!).  I bought a cheapie Dandy Case for my phone so I can dunk it in the water.  So far, I think it’s pretty dandy!  We also roadtripped out to the River, but I’ll save those phone pics for their own post.

galaxyography sep4
all pics courtesy Samsung Galaxy 3

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