September 11, 2014

Middle Dude in Laguna. At Low Tide, while the Sun Sets.

 laguna-1 laguna-2Aaah, Laguna.  Where else can you go and find a family-with-toddlers & mom-with-a-camera-location-scouting photo sessions shooting right next to a topless session?  And, no; that’s not unusual.laguna-4 This is the pool I’m going to come sit in during the next heat wave.  Which is supposed to start tomorrow. Sigh.  “Fall” in SoCal is never very fall-ish.laguna-5 laguna-6 laguna-7 Shells and more shells.laguna-8 laguna-9 laguna-10 laguna-12 laguna-13 laguna-14 laguna-15 laguna-16 laguna-17 laguna-18 laguna-19 And there’s Little Dude.  Lamenting that there will not be adequate time for computer games when we get home.

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Tracy P. said...

Ah yeah, Little Dude, who wants to go to the ocean when there are perfectly good electronics to be had without even having to get your shoes on?

Lovely, glowy golden hour…beautiful shell textures…relaxing togetherness. Ahhhhh…come here if you need to get away to the coolness though. We'll have blazing color in a couple weeks. ;-)