September 9, 2014

Big Wednesday at the Wedge

We have had lots of big wave action in SoCal this summer.  This was “Big Wednesday” – a hurricane off the coast of Baja Mexico created the huge storm surf.  Some sets hit 25 feet high.  No surfers while we were there.  Just bodyboarders.  The crowds went nuts each time someone caught a wave.  It was worth braving the insane traffic and heat to join the peanut gallery; it felt like a celebration of life by the beach.

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Anita Johnson said...

It's been way too long since I have seen the ocean. Glad to see so many people out enjoying the experience...the photos are amazing as the colors in the water.

Mia said...

Holy smokes those are some big waves. That's a ton of energy!!! My kids' favorite movie right now is Mavericks. Are you near where those waves are?