February 7, 2014

Snippets of Home Life …

in the hours when Little Dude is gone at school.

Big Dude often works from home.  Way back in the day, when he first left the traditional work force and set up “office” at home to contract, he bought a desk to set up in our guest room.  I guess it was too dark, cold, *lonely* in that room, because the desk soon found its way to MY office space.  Where it was soon taken over by the dudes.


So Big Dude decided he just needed a really comfortable chair that supported his back.  And THAT would be his office.


And that worked pretty well for a few years, til Big Dude got all itchy for an “office” space again.  And started Craigslisting for another desk.  All while I gave him that “exactly where are you going to fit another piece of furniture in this house?!?” look.  He found/made some space.  And Cardboard Girlfriend moved right into it.

IMG_5970 IMG_5973

Meanwhile, life as usual carries on back inside.  I think this counts as “recess”.

IMG_6273 IMG_6274

The mad typist types.  And types and types and types.


And the reader reads and reads and reads.


There you have it.  My dudes and what they do.


Tracy P. said...

Huge smile here. Next week's theme is "ordinary" at Photo 52. I have a set of photos quite a bit like this--minus the people. It seems like when the people are the subject it looks more like "life", but when they are missing it just looks like a disaster. Thinking I'll see if I can't sneak some people in this weekend. You give me hope! Big Dude and my husband would get along great. You should see the "office spaces" in our home. Ay ay ay.

Life with Kaishon said...

I smiled at each and every picture.
The cardboard girlfriend made me really smile.... : ).

I used to love my desk. And now there are about fifty million things on it and I never use it. I use the kitchen table. And it is wobbly...

I wish I could come take a walk with you. I am feeling so sad and worried about one of the children I work with in Philly. I want him to be safe and he is having a very hard time right now. Will you keep him in your prayers?

Jessica said...

Love it :)

Joanna Schoff said...

Love this. I have 3boys too but they are 3,6,& 10.this post feels like my future.