February 10, 2014

Galaxy-ography – January edition

We started the New Year off on the right foot.  At the beach.  And then went back several times.  Because while most of the rest of the nation was FREEZING, temps here were sunny 70s.  Our doggie nephew came and stayed a couple days.  Big Dude and I got up early on a weekend morning to attempt to film a cool time-lapse fog lift.  Only the fog didn’t lift.  But it was a cool morning, nonetheless.

galaxyography jan1
See?  Back to the beach.  Lots of super low tides, thus tidepools – yay!  Went to a new (to me) shopping “destination” and had an amazing mocha made with Belgian chocolate ganache.  But it was quite a drive to get there, so, y’know, not quite “local”.  Whatever.  Getting thru the Bible in a Year this year.  Big Dude got a hankering for a gas efficient car.  I read some good stuff.  Drank another half-and-half-filled Cafe Cubano.  And Little Dude practiced Shakespeare lines.

galaxyography jan2
We sold the van (sniff sniff) to a very nice family.  The Teen drives us around now.  Little Dude “matched” because the “colors are both bright”.  Dog Dude and I walked.  A lot.  Because fancy coffee with half-and-half and ganache.  I made an assembly line to mail out my books.

galaxyography jan3 galaxyography jan4
 All in all, a pretty good month.


Shari said...

Lovely photos, as always! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your days of sunshine and light.
I love your galaxy moments.
I love Dog dude.
I love that you tried to do time lapse photography.
I love that you are reading the Bible through.
I love you.

Anita Johnson said...