January 23, 2014

Galaxy-ography: the last bits of 2013

‘Twas a warm December.  Trader Joe’s stocked all the usual yummy Christmas goodies.  The beach was … amazing.  Star Wars snowflakes were all the rage.  Downtown San Juan Capistrano was a hoot.galaxy dec1
Catching Fire *needed* to be re-read after seeing the movie.  The Teen is officially “permit-ed” to drive.  Quickie roadtrip thru the Valley.
galaxy dec2
End of December, beach is still … amazing.  We met the world’s (Ripley’s) tallest man at the Discovery Science Center.  I turned older.
galaxy dec3
Pushing Daisies was a big hit in our family.  All thanks to Amazon Prime instant streaming.
galaxy dec4
all photos: Samsung Galaxy 3


Anita Johnson said...

I love the story these photos tell...JOY!

Christine McKeel said...

You always inspire me to get my camera out and record our lives. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful images.