November 4, 2013

“Winter” in Laguna …

is when dogs are allowed back on the beach (well, some of the beaches) without restricted hours.  We took Dog Dude.  I’m still finding sand in the house and Jeep.  Small price to pay.

“Pets” is the theme of the I Heart Faces’ last monthly photo challenge of 2013.  I love IHF’s giveaway this month:  a Vintage Pearl necklace.  And I’m happy to get to give away a necklace along with I Heart Faces. 
The front of the necklace shows IHF’s camera and heart, while the back says “ihf” for I Heart Faces. All necklaces are hand-stamped, then hand-cast in sterling silver and hung on an 18″ silver plated cable chain with a pearl.   If you’d like to enter my giveaway for this necklace, simply wait for the box below on this post to load, follow directions and enter to win.  And, if you submit a photo in the I Heart Faces “Pets” Photo Challenge, be sure to come back later and enter the URL Link for 5 BONUS ENTRIES!


Life with Kaishon said...

Dog dude is adorable : )
Amen, about the sand!
A small price to pay indeed.

Tracy P. said...

He really is so cute!

I love the Vintage Pearl and IHF. :-)

Adrienne Zwart said...

His ears look like they would feel silky, and I really want to pet him. He seems like such a sweet dog.

Heather Rodriguez said...

Dear Dog Dude, I want to pet you. xoxo

jessica remus said...

Love this shot, saw it on IHF :)