November 1, 2013

Galaxy-ography: Sept & Oct editions

Indian summer & hot days arrived, the beach stayed wonderful, school inevitably began, book club continued …galaxy sep1 We made our annual foray out to the River, where it was WAY HOT, and the water felt good, and the mountains were still pretty …galaxy sep2 Orange County is pretty pretty, too.  Breakfast dates with Cafe Cubanos, Little Dude’s afternoon “snack” of choice (black bean burrito).  My first trip to Ohio for IHF’s Photography Conference.  Middle Dude got braces – ouch in his mouth and our pocketbooks.  The beach continues to be amazing.  And Big Dude got a new t-shirt.  He wore it to work.galaxy oct1

1 comment:

Tracy P. said...

So in all these eyes keep going back to those green rocks!!

My phone pictures certainly do not look like yours!! Love the shirt! :-)