September 26, 2013

Galaxy-ography: the August edition

The sun actually came out a couple times.  Friends had a darling baby.  More backyard bananas.  Dinner & awesome music.instagram augustGolf lessons.  A snake visited our lizards for a couple days.  Our sunflowers bloomed.  We drove to Joshua Tree to enjoy the Perseid Meteor showers.  Middle Dude put together Abe.  And I put together a new website.instagram august 2 Big Dude is back in the Ultimate Frisbee arena.  Cafe Cubano morning date.  Domino frustration.  Last summer dates with friends and a quickie trip to the Great Northwest…instagram august 3 Cousins, new puppy, fishing, waterparking, gondola riding, returning home.instagram august 4all images:  Samsung Galaxy S3

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Christina said...

Love looking at your pictures...always.