June 10, 2013


A little moment that made this mama’s heart smile:IMG_6343


In other news, we’re still two weeks away from summer vacation.   Ack. 


I finished one huge project …



And I’m currently working on another huge project for I Heart Faces’ October Photography Conference



I ‘m editing a super darling senior lifestyle session …



And this week I’m celebrating 20 years of marriage with this cute dude …



Good times in Kellerville.  Well, except for that two more weeks of school.  I’m soooo ready for summer schedule :-}.


Life with Kaishon said...

2 more weeks. That almost made me cry.

Happy anniversary. I love your smiles.

3 boys engaging in play? Fabulous.

The workshop? Stop the truck! So excited to meet you. You are a celebrity in my world. I would pick you over Tom Cruise or Sarah Jessica Parker. True story.

Usually the yearbook gets a huge post all to itself? You must have gotten the process to go smoother this year.

Diane Wheeler said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the two of you! Twenty years down, many to go (-:

We won't finish until the week of the 17th sometime...but we get to go to Madelaine's graduation this weekend. Yahoo!!!!

Miss you, Susan. Must do something about that this coming year.


Kristin Klein said...

Love this photo of the two of you - congrats!!


Tracy P. said...

Seriously, you got married when you were 12? Is that legal in CA?

Love the smiles on your dudes. They are so fun!