June 13, 2013

Beautiful Life … Annie

Here is what you need to know about Annie:  she is altogether lovely - and not just on the outside; she is lovely all the way to her innermost being.  She is quiet, quirky, whimsical.  She enjoys a good book and video game and likes her favorite cookies unbaked.  She can carry a tune.  She graduated high school this week.  She’s an animal whisperer.  She wears her freckles proudly.  She loves her family fiercely.  And she’s an extraordinary artist.

Annie, I hope you love these pictures as much as I loved taking them.  (Tell your Mom to grab a kleenex before she watches the video.  You know how she is…)

orange county lifestyle photographyannie2annie3orange county lifestyle photography
annieannieWhy, yes, Annie did design the t-shirt she’s wearing with the graphic of a frog burping and knocking the girl’s ice cream off her cone… (and I’m the lucky recipient of a matching tank top!!)annieorange county family lifestyle photographyorange county family life photographerThis drawing of her beloved dog … look closely:  the whole drawing is composed of words from a poem about labs(!!).  So stinkin’ amazing.annie in a treeLindstrom-370annie in a tree2orange county lifestyle photographyannie the pig whispererbeautiful annieorange county senior lifestyle photography
Annie, truly, you are beautiful inside and out.  I can't wait to see what plans God has for your vision, creativity, and amazing artistry!


Orange County Family Lifestyle Photography


Caseybumpinalong said...

Absolutely amazing photos!

Tracy P. said...

She is so beautiful! I love the way you described her, and how you respected her quiet spirit. It earned you a beautiful opportunity to be welcomed in. I was waiting and waiting to see if her eyes were going to be two different colors. That lovely young woman she painted could have been her!

And the aerial shot of her work space? Brilliant!

http://www.starryskyranch.typepad.com said...

Best senior session ever. Seriously. So organic and genuine. I love that they celebrate her true beauty vs trying to insert her into a cookie cutter Glamorshots type of shoot. She will treasure these forever.

Rebekah said...


Heather said...

Mind. Blown. I have never ever ever seen a more beautiful senior session. Annie is a stunning young woman and the way you documented this season for her is just amazing.

Tracey said...

AMAZING!!!! That lab illustration...amazing. She is going places!

Anita Johnson said...

My computer issues have made it difficult to visit my favorite blogs...I hope to have a new computer by the weekend.
These pictures are beautiful. They made me wish I had a few more pictures of myself from my high school days...the younger me days. And I don't say that easily. I don't like pictures of myself, but YOU capture the beauty through and through. I wish I had known someone like you when I was young.My senior pictures were taken in our high school cafeteria. I bet her mom loved the video too.