December 5, 2012

Sweet, Beautiful Life at Home - Orange County Family Life Photography

I know I've said it before, but it totally bears repeating.  Home sessions are THE BEST.  There is just something truly special about photographing people in the place where they are most at home, comfortable, able to be in their own skin, doing their own thing.    This sweet family invited me into their home.  Darling youngest daughter, fresh-faced and smiley, greeted me in her favorite red plaid dress.  Five minutes later she greeted me again, after making herself beautiful with make-up (big huge grin!).  We rolled with it and documented the last bits of her immaculately precise application of eye shadow.  Darling older daughters share a room, and even when they're not together in their room reading or doing homework, they're still found in close proximity to each other.  They simply like being together.  #1Son is busy, busy, busy:  gaming, scootering, climbing trees, manipulating Legos, skateboarding, playing football (yes, in the house! where else?) with Dad & wonderDog.  Mom & Dad are raising four beautiful, lively, thoughtful, fun children.  It was truly my pleasure to spend an afternoon with them all.

Narrowing down my favorites for this blog post has been difficult, to say the very least.  Because the beauty is in the details ... and each frame had such distinct, precious detail.  This family's gallery ended up with 400 pictures I loved (not a typo!).  To get a feel for the whole session/story, please watch the video.  I think I managed to fit 105 photos into 3 minutes of music!

5 minutes difference hello make-up

orange county family life photography 2room1orange county family life photographerpiano1orange county family photographer-2piano2Bionicles in a galaxy far, far away ...
legos of courseroom3daddy loveroom2street lifetree climberfamily life photography-13-2ladera ranch family life photography2ladera ranch family life photographystreet life2family life photography-1ladera ranch family life photography3family life photography-4Despite being a rambunctious, high-energy puppy, WonderDog is so very gentle with these kids, even when tackling football boy!
orange county family photographerfamily life photography-2family life photography-3family life photography-5family life photography-6family life photography-8swingfamily life photography-9family life photography-10orange county family photography-7family life photography-11family life photography-12football with wonderdogfamily life photography-13family life photography-14Black & white or color?  Sometimes I just can't decide.
bw or colorBy the time we got here, we had about 5 minutes of glowy light left - and we literally ran up the hill to chase down every last little bit of it!
orange county family photography-5j-kiddosladera ranch family photographerorange county family photography-8
This session was a true delight in every way.  Thanks, J-Fam, for trusting me to be the one to photographically tell your "now" story.

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Anita Johnson said...

You make me think about the photos I love of my kids the best, especially now that they are married men. It isn't the posed photos, its them being little boys at home. Wonderful post.

Leslie said...

this might be my favorite session of yours. I adore these. I can totally catch a sense of the spirit of this family.... and the ones in the boys room.. oh delicious.... seriously.

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwww! Skeller! I love this family! I love the plate that says Love God and Serve others. Great advice! I love the smiles. I LOVE the skateboard. I love the culdesac and the fabulous tree. Awesome family! I can see why you needed to include so many : ).

Tracy P. said...

Seriously Susan. Who besides you could make power lines look like you put them there intentionally to add beauty to the photo? You do not miss a thing!! What a gorgeous reflection of a beautiful family.

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I love seeing family sessions at home, I think you see so much more of family that way. It tells a richer story. :)

Kathy said...

Oh, I so love these - brought tears to my eyes. Especially loved the ones of the boy jumping into dad's arms off the stairs and the dog on the boy. Susan - you totally captured their life - what a gift. Love, love.

Christina said...

Amazing. Beautiful family.
The B/W of Mom and daughters is gorgeous. I really like the color of the family though. The colors are so gorgeous, and all the details seem so...part of it. I like that one in color. :)