December 3, 2012

Catching up with November: the Instagram edition

We came home from our tropical paradise, to find bananas blooming in our own backyard – a fine welcome back!  Littlest Dude renewed his love affair with Minecraft, the Teen had his first debate tournament of the season, fall colors came, Littlest Dude had praxis at school, weather happened, I designed canvas galleries (so fun), Big Dude got some gift shopping accomplished, and we had a “work date” at Sbux while the kiddos had class…

  nov instagram

I cooked Thanksgiving this year (starting a few days early).  I went to the beach and saw a resort’s installation of a 60’ tree.  [oops. ignore that double-posted pic. I’m too lazy to fix it.]  Now we have two Teens at Chez Keller – we celebrated with a canyon hike.  We brought some table décor home with us.  My parents joined us for turkey and my mom did dishes (woohoo!).

nov instagram2

Rain came.  The original Teen had a birthday.  I made his requested homemade cinnamon rolls AND we went to his favorite breakfast joint to celebrate.  Big Dude and I had a date night.  More rain came and Dog Dude cowered inside, asserting that he need never go out ever again.  I completed my Christmas card task (double woohoo).  Littlest Dude played a fine, funny Sophocles in his school production.  And the Teen had a group of buddies over for a game of ultimate frisbee (the rain came, too).

nov instagram3

I still have hundreds of Kauai pictures (dare I admit?:  I took 2000 pics.  I know, crazy.  I couldn't help myself.  Beauty kept happening.)  to work my way through.  I’m sure I’ll be peppering December with various island adventures.


A Circle of Quiet said... goes debate?


Christina said...

Love this peek at your lives!
And also this: Beauty kept happening.

Tracy P. said...

Ha, Susan, if you weren't so good, 2000 pics would be a lot quicker to deal with! I would be able to delete about 1200 of those on the first pass. ;-) I can just hear your cranberries popping. Looks like a great November!

stacey said...

Pepper away!! :)

Heather M. said...

Had to come over and comment on your blog. A long time ago I participated in Tracey's "I'm thinking" week and found your blog through hers. Then a couple months ago joined instagram and started following your feed. I absolutely fell in love with your Hawaii photos but was to chicken to comment on any of them. Anyway, thought I'd pop on over to your blog again and leave a comment. I'm completely in love with your photos especially your instagrams. Love these collages and following you on IG. And maybe now I won't be too chicken to comment on them any more. :)

Skeller said...

Hi Heather!
Isn't Instagram just incredibly fun?!? I'll have to go find your profile :-).