September 14, 2012

My Dad. And My Older Dudes.

At the driving range.  Papa treated them to a bucket of balls.  And lent them a couple of his drivers.  And gave them some of his expert advice.

golf 1golf 2golf 4golf3golf 5

intro pic 600px

It was sunny and HOT.  And I’m not sure that we have any Tigers amongst we Kellers (then again, maybe it’s latent talent we have and it’ll come out next time?).  But I do know that it was fun to be out with Papa.  Thanks, Dad, for taking the dudes to the driving range!


Shari said...

LOVE the low perspective you used on that last image. It tells the whole story in one image alone. Beautiful! What a great memory they made together too. :)

A Circle of Quiet said...

I agree with Shari -- that last picture is perfectly composed. Your dad looks like a great guy!


Life with Kaishon said...

What a great papa.

BigDude said...

My Spidey-sense is telling me there is a good 'America's Funniest Videos' moment coming in the near future