August 14, 2012

Hiawatha Trail

During our brief Washington vacation last week, we popped over to Montana to ride the Hiawatha Trail.  We attempted this once before, a few years ago, but after blood/injuries, bears & bad attitudes we turned back.  This time, I’m happy to report, we made it all the way.  15 miles of 3% grade downhill trails through deep, DARK, cold tunnels and over scenic train trestles.  Simply a beautiful ride.

hiawatha trail instagram

all photos courtesy Android.


Anita Johnson said...

Seriously Susan, I won't be able to visit your blog for are going to all of my favorite places...I'm so jealous! These are such beautiful photos!

Tracy P. said...

Ha, we've seen some scenery like that ourselves in the last couple of weeks. How wonderful--glad you made it this time!