August 20, 2012

Four Brothers :: Orange County Family Photography

There are a whole lotta boys in this family!  At the beginning of the session, as we were setting expectations and discussing goals, I told them that the most important thing was that they act as if they like each other.  Because, as a mom of three boys, it’s incredibly important for me to believe that my sons are capable of growing up to be each others’ best friends, and therefore, it was their job to demonstrate this reality.  (No, I didn’t say this out loud.  Ok, yes, I did.)  Anywhooo, an evening with these guys convinced me that my boys are indeed capable of intentionally caring about and loving each other as adults.  What a fun evening:  we climbed rocks, explored a teeny-tiny cave while avoiding the rising tide, ran away from waves, didn’t run fast enough a time or two, and caught sand crabs.  All while the sunlight and clouds danced all around county family photographerorange county family photographylaguna beach photographerorange county family photographer 3orange county family photographer (2)3 boyslaguna beach  2-2laguna beach family photographyorange county family photography 2laguna beach photographer 2Moss-224laguna beach family photographer 2laguna beach_Moss-214orange county family photography 3Moss-3354 brotherslaguna beach  2orange county family photography 4Moss-478

And a slideshow of all our shenanigans ...  (btw, just to clarify:  the lifeguard on duty did give us permission to climb on the rocks!!).  M-Family, thank you so much for giving me the distinct pleasure of spending a delightful, beautiful evening with you!

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Tracey said...

These are spectacular! This is your sweet spot Susan. My favorites are the brother's dancing goofy in the light. Love the entire family shots as well. It's soooooo hard to get a great, not cheesy, family shot. This is one lucky family!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the shots of the 4 brothers. How uniquely special to have 4 brothers and for them to all get together for a big ol session. Amazing!! And the location... HEAVEN~

A Circle of Quiet said...

Your photos just keeping making me weepy, Susan. Brothers, grown men, who love each other? Precious. LOVE the b/w "band shot." Especially the Night Fever pose in the back...I can SEE my boys in this picture in twenty or thirty years (-:

What great work you do!


stacey said...

These are so fun, Susan. And I am continually amazed at what you do with that fish eye. And the beach and the light... Beautiful job!

Life with Kaishon said...

Those are some very handsome brothers. : )