July 23, 2012

Summer Tradition: Tie Dye.

tie dye collage2


This is our best batch yet, methinks.  So in order NOT to forget the steps we took, I’m taking notes that I can revisit next year …


1.  We used a Tulip kit this time.  But now that I have all the bottles and instruction packets, I’ll just buy the small dye packets next year.  Each bottle will simply need about 1/2 t. to 1 t. dye powder.  Add hot water & shake to dissolve.


2.  Dampen t-shirt *before* adding dye.  (way better for letting dye soak in.  otherwise, dye tends to puddle up & spill off)


3.  Wrap dyed t-shirts up in plastic grocery bags and let sit for 7-8 hours.  (next year I might try leaving them to soak for up to 24 hrs)


4.  Important:  *before washing* in machine, rinse t-shirts thoroughly with cold water until dye stops bleeding off.  This helped hugely to keep the white parts of the t-shirts white (instead of turning them all pink, or whatever the dominant dye color is).  All our efforts in the past have created not-white t-shirts.  Then wash shirts in washer in COLD water, no soap, with a little bit of vinegar.  Hang to dry.  2nd wash will be with light soap.

 5.  Wear t-shirts til you all outgrow them.  And then pass on to younger cousin.  Winking smile

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Life with Kaishon said...

I think we might do this soon : ). I just saw a blog friend to fake tie dyes with sharpie markers and vinegar.

Tracy P. said...

We need to do this! You rock, Mrs. Imnotcrafty! ;-)

Andrea said...

Ah, I saw these photos on IG1 Love this idea. I can remember doing this as a kid in Girl Scouts. :)

Kat said...

This is great, thanks! My boys have been asking to some tie-dye shirts, but I always thought it seemed like a lot of trouble (sadly, I have no childhood experiences to draw from as my mom didn't like anything messy, lol). Having seen this, I think we can totally give it a try! :D

Thanks again. Bookmarking and looking forward to seeing how this turns out for us...

Mom to a 7 year old boy who would rather eat brussel sprouts (Ack!) and take a bath (Gasp!), than do handwriting worksheets. ;)