June 7, 2012

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

We were minus The Teen for the afternoon, but the rest of us drove over to Concordia Univ. to see a local production of Twelfth Night.  It was truly excellent in every way.12th night quadOk, excellent in every way, except for the dappled light.  I hate dappled light.IMG_4644The dudes laughed and laughed some more.  This cast was funny and fantastic.12th night dipNear the end of the play, the sun finally dropped below the horizon and the horrid dappled light went away.IMG_4666IMG_4664And then we drove home in the non-dappled twilight light …IMG_4669


A Circle of Quiet said...

What a fantastic set! Glad you had fun.


Life with Kaishon said...

The twelth night in dappled light.
I love the boys laughter.
I love your adventures.

stacey said...

Oh how I hate dappled light, too!

Love those photos of your boys laughing. :)

Anita Johnson said...

How totally fun!

Tracey said...

I'm still sitting here in awe that your boys laughed their way through this play. My kids would probably ask to leave after the first act. Geez, I need to give them more culture.

Leslie said...

Oh the laughing... those faces, seriously Susan.. this is awesome.