May 8, 2012

Super Moon Shenanigans

The [Super] Full Moon, high tide and the fantastically fun phenomenon of the grunion run were slated to happen at an earlier than usual time this last Saturday.  I haven’t seen the grunion run since my college days, so I was giddy with the possibility of combining a brighter than usual night beach, keeping the kiddos up, and heading to the shore for the fascinating fish activity.  Off we went …
IMG_5346IMG_5348IMG_5357IMG_5360IMG_5367IMG_5368IMG_5398While the beach was fantastic and worth the drive/effort all on its own, I was tremendously disappointed that the grunion must not have gotten the memo that they were supposed to run between 9:30 & 11:30pm.  [sigh]  IMG_5409

Photo details:  shot in the dark. [duh]  Long exposures, tho not longer than 30 seconds, because I was already shooting like a blind bat and couldn’t be bothered to fiddle with bulb mode & remote in the dark.  ISO 4000.  24mm lens.  Tripod (I did handhold a few shots – they’re mostly blurry).  I had Middle Dude shine his flashlight so my camera could lock in for focus.  If only the moonlight had been shining on the water, I could have had oodles of fun with long-exposure ocean pics (alas, Middle Dude’s flashlight was kinda wimpy).
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Life with Kaishon said...

Always a fascinating visit : ) I am so intrigued with those shots. Thank you for sharing the directions.

Elena said...

The color in those beach shots is amazing! Love all of them!