April 25, 2012


Do you happen to remember the time we Kellers roadtripped to the Grand Canyon, and upon arriving saw absolutely NOTHING, because the canyon was completely swallowed up in the thick fog? 
Well, this trip to Yosemite wasn’t quite that bad.  But it was close.  There was quite a bit of snow on the drive up to the park, though it had turned to rain by the time we hit the tunnel/valley.   IMG_4826IMG_4829IMG_4838IMG_4846Wait for it. Here it comes: that awe-inspiring iconic view of Half Dome!IMG_4850IMG_4857Oh well.  Half Dome was hiding in the clouds.  bridal veilA gray Bridal Veil.   A quick loop through the valley floor.  And we headed back down the hill before they closed the road.IMG_4887IMG_4894
Not our most auspicious visit to this most lovely of places.


Tracy P. said...

And here I was going to ask you to meet us at Rocky Mountain National Park this summer. Never mind! ;-) Because only you can make disappointment look beautiful. I would be totally out of luck!

Deanna said...

Looks a little dangerous driving, but it sure made for some wonderful pics. Love the last one with that poor coyote wondering, what happened to spring??

Tracey said...

I just know that one day I'm going to pop over here and you WILL have your glorious photos of Yosemite! I had to laugh at the tunnel photos--so perfect for the lead in to the absent Half Dome. The last time I drove through the tunnel was 10 years ago. On the way in my two year old son was so excited about the tunnel that he could care less about where we were actually going. We spent an hour looking around Yosemite and then had to get back to our cabin at Bass Lake. He fell asleep before we hit the tunnel and when he woke up back at the cabin he was upset he missed the tunnel!

stacey said...

Okay, I totally had to laugh a bit at your foggy Grand Canyon photos and now these foggy Half Dome photos. What are the chances???? I'm sorry it didn't turn out how you had hoped, but I do love the photos you WERE able to capture. :)