March 5, 2012

Like Summer. Only Better.

Hard to believe this was just yesterday.  Not hot.  Not cold.  Not humid.  Super low tide making little pools that were all filled with warm ocean water.  Lots of shells, tidepools, and large-ish sand crabs.  No big waves (which probably wasn’t so great for the surf competition that was happening there).  The water was superduper shallow way far out.  It was glorious.  (all pics courtesy of Android)

IMG_20120304_140449IMG_20120304_140503march beach dip1march beach dip2IMG_20120304_143658IMG_20120304_143704


Life with Kaishon said...

Love. Love. LOVE your day.
Beautiful images.
You always bring me sunshine.
I adore you for that.

Anonymous said...

You know these shots make me crazy, right? ;)

stacey said...

*making me crazy, too*

*pulling hair out wishing i was there*

*closing eyes and wishing our brown grass and snow was ocean water and sand...NOT WORKING*

*going crazy!* :)

JanMary @ said...

Love the perspective of the last two photos.

Definitely not paddling in the sea weather here in N Ireland yet!